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Machine Age (1900 - 1945)

Machine Age (1900 - 1945)

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  • First published in 1960, this text deals with the formation of attitudes, themes and forms which were characteristic of artists and architects working primarily in Europe between 1900 and 1930 under the compulsion of new technological developments in the first machine age.(More...)

  • A survey of major styles and monuments in art and architecture from prehistoric times to the end of the Middle Ages.(More...)
  • In 1900, 31,161 women over the age of ten were in the labor force with over five thousand engaged in manufacturing and mechanical industries and fifty-one in mining and quarrying. 6 Of the 5,068 industrial workers, single women accounted for 3,806.(More...)


First published in 1960, this text deals with the formation of attitudes, themes and forms which were characteristic of artists and architects working primarily in Europe between 1900 and 1930 under the compulsion of new technological developments in the first machine age. [1] KEY TOPICS According to Goldstein, the opening of the machine age in the early 1900s should have ended human drudgery and therefore created human equality. [2]

This machine age retro link bracelet, circa 1945, reflects how jewelry makers after World War II were inspired to create heavy geometric designs that paid homage to the monumental equ. [2] Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of Craft In The Machine Age, 1920 1945 by Janet Kardon. [2] The Machine Age was now fully engaged: only a few years after the completion of the Chrysler Building (1930) and Empire State Building (1931), the Museum of Modern Art took a brave step forward presenting in the spring of 1934 its "Machine Art" exhibit, featuring the art of machine parts like ball bearings, propellers, and springs. [2] Although some of art deco's principles could be found in European machine age design before World War I, the name is associated with the thoroughly modern Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris in 1925. [2] One of the offshoots of early 20th Century Interior design is the "Machine Age" style, a term first used Circa 1927 in the New York Times and later popularized in 1960 by Peter Reyner Banham (1922 - 1988) in his book, Theory and Design in the First Machine Age. [2] Reyner Banham, "Bauhaus," in Theory and Design in the First Machine Age, 2 nd ed., New York: Praeger, 1970, pp. 276-304. [2] Banham wrote his thesis under Nikolaus Pevsner at the Warburg, Theory and Design in the First Machine Age which appeared as a book in 1960. [2] E-mail Message: I thought you might be interested in this item at Title: Theory and design in the first machine age Author: Reyner Banham Publisher: Oxford : Architectural Press, 2002. [2] Art Deco ziggurats form the Louisiana State Capitol 1925-1937: Art Deco With their sleek forms and zigzag designs, Art Deco buildings embraced the machine age. [2] Art Deco Machine Age Epiphone Electar lap steel guitar, patented design, 1937 Original Epi Stathopoulos patented design, in etched cobalt catalin (bakelite) laminate. [2] Machine Age Art Deco Signed Desny Silver Plate Centerpiece Bowl Stunning large version of this classic Modernist late 1920s - early 1930s design. [2] Machine Age Art Deco Silver Candlesticks, Lurelle Guild for International Silver Silver Plate candle stick holder Pair classic original Guild incised and ringed design in silver plate,. [2] Machine age Art Deco candlestick holders Merle Faber signed 1949 silver plate Iconic skyscraper design by Faber. [2] Machine Age Art Deco cocktail shaker spun aluminum / cork, after Russel Wright Rare 14" tall Skyscraper shaker in manner of Russel Wrights designs. [2] Machine Age Art Deco Modernist Fireplace Tool Set, Manner of Donald Deskey Machine Age Art Deco Modernist Fireplace Tool Set, M. Machine Age Art Deco Modernist Fireplace T. $2,400 8.0ʺW × 3.75ʺD × 28.5ʺH Dallas, TX Machine Age Art Deco modernist fireplace tool set, manner of Donald Deskey Other than normal use,. [2] Machine Age Art Deco Industrial Streamline U.S. Navy Radar Assembly by RCA circa WW II Tall sculptural radar loop assembly for World War Two Naval ship, submarine, plane or dirigibl. [2] Machine Age Art Deco Industrial Arts Waste Receptacle by Erie Art Metal Fabulous rolled-metal and ribbed construction, with excellent Japanned copper and black finish. [2] French Art Deco Clock Moon and Sun Manual Wind Eight-Day Clocks, Six Jewels Really great pair of Machine Age modernist design desk or vanity clocks. [2] Machine age Art Deco smoker table Belmet products in the manner of Von Nessen U.S. patented design by Charles Hardy, 1936. [2] The Machine Age style was an offshoot of Art Deco, but stripped to the "form follows function" basics, less art and more function. [2] The Art Deco style was, among other things, a celebration of the machine age, which found expression in the sleek new machines for transport, such as trains, cars, motorcycles, and ships. [2] Art Deco Collection Iconic Catalin / Bakelite Table ware (Large Cunard SOLD) Dunlop tennis ball by Roanoid, Ocean Liner decal Cleopatra box, skyscraper machine age style Cunard line as. [2] Machine Age Art Deco Gilbert Rohde Herman Miller century of progress clock, no. 4725B Price reduced from $9750. [2] Machine Age Art Deco Signed Desny Silver P. $12,500 6.0ʺW × 6.0ʺD × 10.63ʺH Dallas, TX Machine Age Art Deco Signed Desny Silver Plate Centerpiece Bowl Stunning large version of this cl. [2] Machine Age Art Deco Silver Plate Cocktail Set by WMF Germany Very elegant compact Bauhaus influenced set. [2] Emil Schuelke for Napier Art Deco Silver P. $2,800 4ʺW × 4ʺD × 7.5ʺH Silver Dallas, TX Emil Schuelke for Napier Machine Age Art Deco individual coffee service. [2] Complete Original Gyroscopic Machine Age Art deco Cocktail Serving Caddy Complete Original Gyroscopic Machine Age Art deco Co. Complete Original Gyroscopic Machine Age A. $1,895 21.0ʺW × 15.0ʺD × 8.5ʺH Dallas, TX A very good Industrial Design. [2] Art Deco also drew on Machine Age and streamline technologies such as modern aviation, electric lighting, the radio, the ocean liner and the skyscraper for inspiration. [2] Art of the machine age: Precisionism developed in the 1920s out of a fascination with the machine's precision and importance in modern life. [2] As movements that responded to the inauguration of the machine age and the two world wars, these artists challenged and redefined the traditions of Western art and bourgeois culture. [2] The Machine Age came to an untimely halt when the first bombs of the Second World War began to fall. [2] The Jekyll Island Chronicles A Machine Age War is the first in a new series of graphic novels. [2] Arriving on the scene at a time when crafts were at a low ebb in popularity Karl Drerup was an influential example of artistic and practical success for those who desired an alternative to the industrial designer and mass-produced wares of the Machine Age. [2] THE MACHINE AGE Léger depicted an expanding industrial world, employing his own form of dynamic Cubism in paintings dominated by contrasts of color and forms. [2] We offer uncompromising 20th Century Design with pride, focusing upon quality examples from the Machine Age in America. [2] Loos felt that an aesthetic of the Machine Age, rather than an organic or historical style, was more appropriate for modern architecture. [2] Values for Machine Age lamps that are well marked by noted designers of the period can be considerably higher. [2]

MACHINE-ICON is a new CUSTOM BRAND for our CURATED OFFERINGS Featuring documented original Machine Age, Designer Art Deco and Industrial Design ICONS from the Interwar Period (1914 - 1945) We offer uncompromising 20th Century Design with pride, focusing upon quality examples from the Machine Age in America. [3] Machine Age Art Deco Modernist Fireplace Tool Set, Manner of Donald Deskey Machine Age Art Deco Modernist Fireplace Tool Set, M. Machine Age Art Deco Modernist Fireplace T. $2,400 8ʺW × 3.75ʺD × 28.5ʺH Chrome, Steel Dallas, TX Machine Age Art Deco modernist fireplace tool set, manner of Donald Deskey Other than normal use,. [3] Machine Age Art Deco Signed Desny Silver P. $12,500 6ʺW × 6ʺD × 10.63ʺH Silver Dallas, TX Machine Age Art Deco Signed Desny Silver Plate Centerpiece Bowl Stunning large version of this cl. [3] Complete Original Gyroscopic Machine Age Art deco Cocktail Serving Caddy Complete Original Gyroscopic Machine Age Art deco Co. Complete Original Gyroscopic Machine Age A. $1,895 21ʺW × 15ʺD × 8.5ʺH Glass, Metal Dallas, TX A very good Industrial Design. [3]

POSSIBLY USEFUL POSSIBLY USEFUL POSSIBLY USEFUL POSSIBLY USEFUL POSSIBLY USEFUL POSSIBLY USEFUL POSSIBLY USEFUL In 1945 the first portable zigzag sewing machine appears in 1945. [2] It didn't work very well but my grandmother introduced me to "hand sewing" and I always credit her for my patience! My first "real" sewing machine was a Necchio (not sure of spelling) that I won at the New York State Fair. [2] After 1870 sewing technology went in two directions, the first toward specialized machines to be used in factories, and the second toward improving and disseminating a small machine to be used in work that was contracted out. [2] When I was in my 20s I started getting into the embroidery and purchased a used bother machine. when I couldn't find anyone to make repairs anymore I got my first Bernia 730 artista and loved it. this past year I have upgraded to the 765SE and am so excited to have the larger sewing space and the larger hoop which I will be getting from my shop, The Sewing Palace Bernia in Helena MT, for my birthday present to myself. [2] The sewing machine was one of the first widely disseminated consumer durables--by 1914 an estimated one in three European households from Portugal to Russia owned sewing machines--largely because it could be used for wage earning as well as household chores. [2] I became a teacher for my first dealer, have now been teaching sewing since 1972, due to my success and skills learned in the Bernina Mastery Classes, as well as the continuous advancement in Bernina sewing machine, embroidery, and software technology. [2] With the CutWork Tool and CutWork software, BERNINA customers can design shapes onscreen for the first time and then cut them out with the sewing machine. [2] In the early 1850s, Isaac Merritt Singer inventing the first really practical sewing machine of the times. [2] As the leader of the sewing machine industry, the Singer Company introduced the first practical sewing machine powered by an electrical motor in 1889. [2] You'll find photos of the first Singer sewing machine, but it's a varied gallery that includes a variety of vintage sewing machines from different manufacturers. [2]

This French ad for an Elias Howe sewing machine is said to date from about 1900. [2] Whether American methods were less safe than those in Europe is unclear but by 1900 they were extraordinarily risky by modern standards, for machines and power sources were largely unguarded. [2] The Arts and Crafts movement did not promote a particular style, but it did advocate reform as part of its philosophy and instigated a critique of industrial labor; as modern machines replaced workers, Arts and Crafts proponents called for an end to the division of labor and advanced the designer as craftsman. [2] Gilded Age politics, called the "Third Party System," featured very close contests between the Republicans and Democrats (with occasional third-party political campaigns by farmers and labor unions), civil service reform, organized movements that enlisted many women working for prohibition and women's suffrage, the strengthening of big city machines, and the transition from party to modern interest-group politics. [2] While the early Art Deco pieces tended to be limited production items or one of kind items only affordable to the well to do, the modern factories of this "Machine Age" made mass production possible of decorative arts and even everyday household items in the new style. [2] In the Second Industrial Revolution (when the United States was first experiencing a "machine age"), engineers laid the foundations not only for networks and technological systems that provided the foundation for sustained industrial economic growth, but also for sustained conversation about the place of technology and technological expertise in the social order of a rapidly industrializing nation state. [2] A close look at the voices of these engineers in this high industrial age may help us understand links that we have overlooked so far between the experience of technological change and artifacts (and machine culture) on the one hand, and the experience of class, income, technological expertise, employment stability, and social and cultural status on the other. [2] Pinball machines really grew in popularity after World War II. The ten year period of 1948-58 is referred to by some as the "Golden Age" of pinball, due to the invention of flippers in 1947 by the D. Gottlieb Co. in a game called "Humpty Dumpty", and was one of the main reasons for the renewed interest in pinball machines at the time. [2] Transport your class to the Age of Optimism! The latest in our "Time Machine" series will immerse your students in the sights, sounds, and big ideas of the early 20th century. [2] The lightbulb, telephone, typewriter, sewing machine, all came of age during the 19th century. [2] In 1936, at the age of just 23, Turing wrote a groundbreaking mathematical paper called "On computable numbers, with an application to the Entscheidungsproblem," in which he described a theoretical computer now known as a Turing machine (a simple information processor that works through a series of instructions, reading data, writing results, and then moving on to the next instruction). [2] Political Machines and Bosses: 1860-1900 What is a Political Machine? Surfaced during Gilded Age (named by Mark Twain's work) Defined as a political organization in which a boss or a small group commands the support of a corporation of businesses and supporters, who in return receive rewards for their efforts Could remove office holders and reform the government departments if elected Corruption Tended to be controlled by Demo. [2] Part historical fact, part clockwork, and part diesel punk, they span an age of furious advancement in machine technology while exploring the span of man's soul - whether evil or good. [2] Is your machine post-WWII? Is it from the 20th Century? Is it from the 19th Century? Age is a factor that impacts on rarity. [2]

I have my mother in law's Singer Featherweight from 1945, a Willcox and Gibbs treadle, a Singer treadle, and another Singer that is a hand-crank machine. [2] Some important new techniques appeared since 1945, notably the use of heavy earth-moving and excavating machines such as the bulldozer and the tower crane. [2] In his prescient essay, "As We May Think," published by The Atlantic in 1945, the influential engineer and inventor Vannevar Bush imagined a future in which machines could handle tasks of logic by consulting large troves of connected data. [2]

Closely linked with the iron and steel industry was the rise of mechanical engineering, brought about by the demand for steam engines and other large machines, and taking shape for the first time in the Soho workshop of Boulton and Watt in Birmingham, where the skills of the precision engineer, developed in manufacturing scientific instruments and small arms, were first applied to the construction of large industrial machinery. [2] A U.S. company develops the first design for a robotlike machine to be used in industry. [2] The first machine I got myself was a used Singer that I made most of my clothes on for several years in my 20s. [2] I used that machine for over 20 years until I traded up to my first Bernina 1130, which I still have. [2] Singer was the first machine I ever used, but the first one I purchased for myself is my Bernina 220. [2] I learned to sew on my mother's Singer, but the first machine I purchased was a Bernina 1230 it was a dream. [2]

My first machine was a Singer giving to me by my boyfriend (my husband now of 41 years). [2] Christmas morning in 1973 when I was eight years old my mom handed me a sewing book and told me I could use her old Singer machine. [2] I still have the Singer sewing machine my mother bought new, the year I was born; 1958. [2] Several years ago, I was given an antique Singer treadle sewing machine that has been passed down through my family for a few generations. [2] Whether you treasure antique Singer sewing machines because they bring back nostalgic memories of years past, are historically significant, or simply beautify your home, you're not alone. [2] Because of the many technological changes Singer introduced over the years, examining the serial number on any Singer will reveal the time period in which the machine was produced. [2] ISMACS News is the magazine of the International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society published four times a year for society members. [2] Factories served to coordinate production and ensure that machines were used efficiently, but clothing manufacturers contracted most sewing work out to either well-established subcontractors or small "jobbing" tailors who employed their wives, children, or other workers. [2] As opposed to a single guild member working on the entire process of textile making, often with years of experience in such production, a factory worker merely attended to the needs of his or her machine, changing empty bobbins of thread or making sure the machine had plenty of raw cotton for its work. [2] There's a kernel of a good idea in transforming Micro Machines into Overwatch-style personalities that each have their own special skills they can use to work together, but if there's a way to jam that complex, strategic online play into the zany, top-down design of 26 years ago, this game isn't it. [2] All these experiences were foundational to Wright’s early design work, and led to his seminal lecture, "The Art and Craft of the Machine," in which he adapted and transformed Arts and Crafts principles. [2] American art and design reflected the proliferation and primacy of the machine. [2] "Arts and Crafts" does not refer to a single stylistic vocabulary; indeed, American Arts and Crafts practitioners differed widely in their attitudes toward "style, history, the region, the machine, materials, nature, and how life should be lived." [2] Morris and many of his followers staunchly rejected the machine in favor of handicraft, so Wright’s unusual position is an example of contradictions within the American Arts and Crafts movement. [2]

The waves of new artistic talent, as well as the industrial and cultural might of the U.S. insured an inevitable, if not curious, collision between the worlds of art and the machine, with New York City at the center of it all. [2] In a century when the garment industry employed so many women, the sewing machine was almost inescapably hybrid, joining industrial and domestic--an object of desire that literally had to earn its place in the home. [2] The sewing machine role's in industry was inseparable from its pioneering role as one of the first consumer durables to be marketed, on credit, to a mass public. [2] In the mid-80s, BERNINA produced the 1130, the first computerized sewing machine with fully automatic one-step buttonholing and stitch pattern memory. [2] Although Singer's first machine was heavy, slow and tricky to operate it was truly the first proper sewing machine in the world capable of continuous and reliable sewing. [2] Their bellicose rhetoric and celebration of the modern machine did not stop on the artistic level, either; the Futurists cried loudly for Italy's intervention in the first modern, mechanical war (World War I), and most of the original coterie of Futurist artists fought for the Italian Army. [2] The first game that had a modern flipper arrangement was the "Spot Bowler", a 1950's D. Gottlieb Co. machine. [2] For the first century Singer machines developed at a slow almost predictable pace and one model followed another starting from Singers patent model of 1851. [2] My first machine was one my mother-in-law gave me because she never used hers it was a Singer (same as the one my mother had when I was little). [2] The Polygraph machine aka lie detector is used for the first time. [2] These were the first machines that used electrical switches to store numbers: when a switch was "off", it stored the number zero; flipped over to its other, "on", position, it stored the number one. [2] I have used a number of different brands over 50+ years but my machine of choice these days is my beloved Bernina. [2] She was a big sewer and assumed I was too! The only thing I ever learned to sew was halter tops and I wasn't very good at that! I didn't sew again for about 25 years and I bought a Bernina 150 QE. It's still going strong! I now have 3 sewing machines and a serger. [2] Along the way I have added to my room a Bernina 560 and a Bernina 830.These two machines I can not live without. they have taken my sewing skills to a new level even after all these years (60) of sewing. [2] In the year 2012 BERNINA introduces the 7 Series machine with extended sewing space for sewing, quilting and embroidering. [2] Sew and quilt in style with the BERNINA 3 Series - the ideal sewing machine for beginners, boasting a wealth of stitch programs and consummate ease of use. [2] As demand developed, production numbers rose steadily upward: By 1963, BERNINA had produced one million zigzag sewing machines. [2] Now I get to work at a Bernina store! I'm the assistant sewing machine tech, plus I get to work upstairs with the customers and fabric. [2] This movement toward greater specialization was accelerated by the establishment of mechanical engineering in the other industrial nations, especially in Germany, where electrical engineering and other new skills made rapid progress, and in the United States, where labour shortages encouraged the development of standardization and mass-production techniques in fields as widely separated as agricultural machinery, small arms, typewriters, and sewing machines. [2]

Herman Hollerith introduces the automatic card feed into his information machine to improve the processing of the 1900 census data. [2] Out of this new urban working class sprang not only new forms of poverty and overcrowded, tenement living but also powerful political machines, vigorous labor unions, and a socialist party that on the eve of the First World War rivaled any outside of Germany. [2] In 1933, electricity was first introduced to pinball by adding a battery to the machine and in 1934, the first automatic scoring mechanism would appear in the form of a "clock" counter, as well as the first "sounds" in a pinball machine by way of electromechanical chimes, bells and buzzers. [2] It was also in the mid 70's that solid-state (or electronic) pinball machines were first introduced, starting yet another huge wave of public popularity due to new games innovations, features, game reliability and cool design features like electronic scoring, alphanumeric scoring, electronic sounds and finally electronic speech, which lasted well into the late 80's. [2] Theory and design in the first machine age/Reyner Banham; Oxford : Architectural Press, 2002. [2] His doctorate work was the first digitization of ultrasound imaging; later known as the Digital Scan Converter (DSC), in integral part of an ultrasound machine. [2] In the first era of automation, machines relieved humans of manually exhausting work. [2] A Zine compilation of creative work and critical theory on the machine, arts, and difference. [2] It was at this time too that the concept of the industrial designer was born, with its newly christened stars Raymond Loewy and Norman Bel Geddes insisting that all things needed to be redesigned; Sheldon and Martha Cheney reiterated this streamlining dictum in their book, Art and the Machine (1936), a seminal panegyric on industrial design and its practitioners. [2] The debate over modernism -- its existence, its appropriateness for America, and the merits of its aesthetic qualities -- became secondary to the need for economic recovery." 1 The popularity of the Machine Art Exposition at the Museum of Modern Art (1934) also reflected the cultural embrace of modernism. [2] In the arts, there was a decided shift following World War I toward concepts of order, harmony, and beauty to counteract the chaos, division, and ugliness of the war machine. [2] World War I gave a great impetus to this technological development, transforming small-scale scattered aircraft manufacture into a major industry in all the main belligerent countries, and transforming the airplane itself from a fragile construction in wood and glue into a robust machine capable of startling aerobatic feats. [2]

Several innovations also came out of the war, including the development of new materials and machine designs -- nylon, mist sprayers and the development of the one-man chain saw are perfect examples. [2] The year 1919, in which the war economic machine ground suddenly to a halt, was one of the most volatile years of the twentieth century. [2] During these war years (1941-1945), due to materials and part shortages, few pinball machines were ever produced. [2] He was a project engineer at Philips Ultrasound in California for his doctorate internship year where he developed the first DSC for a commercial machine. [2] The Nazi propaganda machine represents the worst extreme of how the increasing power of the government in the first half of the 20th century affected the lives of everyday citizens. [2] The Dalton, introduced in 1902, was the first adding machine to use a ten-key keyboard. [2] The first "calculator" to use RPN was the HP9100A, which was introduced in 1968, although this machine is now regarded by many as the first desktop computer. [2] I use it especially for buttonholes, since a friend of my mother's gave me the buttonholer attachment when I first got the machine. [2] Many of even the oldest Singer sewing machines are still in use because they were made to last. [2] Quilters are still fans of the Singer Featherweight sewing machine, and the earliest models of those machines aren't terribly far from the century mark. [2] For example during WW2 it is a well know fact the Singers were making guns and bullets as well as sewing machines. [2] My mother-in-law lives in a retirement community in FL. While helping at the sale shop, she came upon a Singer Treadle sewing machine, knowing that is what I learned to sew on she snatched it up. [2] I recently heard about an "app", for dating antique sewing machines (other than Singer). [2] For 12 months they put it on all their singer sewing machines. [2] Only when they could spare the time would they continue with sewing machine production. [2] I cked on it at one time and the Lady Margaret Snell that had the sewing machine co. in the Smithsoian Institute in Washington D.C. was very much interested in it. [2] While I was in college (1964), I purchased my first sewing machine, a used Singer 403A. At that time, I only knew about Singer. [2] The first sewing machine I used and learned to sew on was my grandmothers Singer, which was not electric. [2] Instead of a circular shuttle movement and a horizontally angled needle, the Singer machine used a straight needle that worked vertically. [2] Modern day pinball machines employ two such "tilt devices", one that measures the movement of the game side to side, and another called the "slam tilt" that is used to movement up and down and prevents such acts as "slamming" your hand into the machine or trying to drop the machine. [2] Expressionist drama used the same methods of grotesque distortion to attack what it saw as the soullessness of modern technology and the subjection of workers to machines. [2] By becoming self-conscious, technology attracted attention in a way it had never done before, and vociferous factions grew up to praise it as the mainspring of social progress and the development of democracy or to criticize it as the bane of modern man, responsible for the harsh discipline of the "dark Satanic mills" and the tyranny of the machine and the squalor of urban life. [2] Known as the founder of the modern factory system, he builds a factory for his machine in 1781, thus paving the way for many of the economic and social changes that will characterize the Industrial Revolution. [2] In the second decade of the nineteenth century, a group of English textile workers called the Luddites protested the introduction of spinning frames and power looms, machines of the nascent Industrial Revolution that threatened to leave them without jobs. [2] A sense of the power wielded by the Pendergast machine is contained in a personal letter written by a prominent social worker: Jacob Billlikopf, one of the founders of the Kansas City Department of Public Welfare. [2] It should be remembered, however, that all the machines mentioned so far, automobiles, airplanes, and Hovercraft, use oil fuels, and it is possible that the exhaustion of these will turn attention increasingly to alternative sources of power and particularly to electric traction (electric railroads and autos), in which field there have been promising developments such as the linear-induction motor. [2] Reflecting the high wages and vast natural resources of a new continent, this American system encouraged use of labor saving machines and processes. [2] American statistician Herman Hollerith (1860-1929) built one of the world's first practical calculating machines, which he called a tabulator, to help compile census data. [2] By the turn of the century, Evans also had developed one of the first high-pressure steam engines and began establishing a network of machine workshops to manufacture and repair these popular inventions. [2] To the extent that The Soft Machine -- first installment in the author's Nova Trilogy -- has a plot, it is something along these lines: Using a time travel device, an agent who is able to transform his body (using "U.T.," undifferentiated tissue) causes the downfall of the ancient Mayan empire. [2] Sears & Roebuck and Computerland sell the machines, marking the first time a computer is available through outside distributors. [2] Though I had sewn with other machines, the first one that was really mine was a Bernina 1000 Designer. [2] With the BERNINA 700 BERNINA's first embroidery only machine is born. [2] Fun fact: The Soft Machine was first published by Olympia Press, in Paris, as part of their infamous, mostly pornographic Traveller's Companion Series. [2] In an early prototype of his famous lighting designs for Kaiser Idell, Dell assembles parts from various machines to form a modern desk lamp. [2] Following this machine aesthetic, Modernist designers typically reject decorative motifs in design, preferring to emphasize the materials used and pure geometrical forms. [2] Included here are machines whose decoration and form provide a striking example of a period style, such as high Victorian, art deco, art nouveux, arts and crafts. [2] Whereas Art Deco is concerned with surface ornament, color and abstractions of natural forms applied as decoration on buildings, Streamline Moderne is essentially a machine aesthetic focused on mass production, functional efficiency, and a more abstract aesthetic coming from the Bauhaus in Germany and the "white architecture" of Europe: The International Style. [2] The Art Deco style exerted its influence over the graphic arts in a manner that reveals the influence of Italian Futurism with its love for speed and adoration of the machine. [2] Other Art Deco architects used stylized flowers, sunbursts, birds and machine gears. [2] A s for the state of used or "pre-owned" machines, supplies are very tight and getting tighter, with ASP (average selling price) of good quality of pre-owned pinball machine of popular titles from the late 80's to 90's now appreciating at a rate of 10% - 25 % or more per year, even in this economic climate, as more and more individuals discover (or re-discover) the pleasures of pinball ownership and supplies dry up. [2] I used that machine for many years and will leave it to my oldest granddaughter. [2] I purchased a Kenmore sewing machine in 1967 and it is still my go-to sewing machine, though I did purchase a new machine a few years ago that provides more specialty stitches. [2] After years of sewing with it (clothes, jackets, curtains, lingerie) I stopped sewing because the machine would eat the fabric. [2] The head goes in to the local sewing machine specialist for cleaning and tune-up once every couple of years. [2] She inherited this machine from her mother in law in 1942 and this great grand mother has been sewing with it for years. [2] The 1914-19 war stopped all sewing machine evolution as the great sewing machine factories around the world helped the war effort. [2] Learn how to use a sewing machine and serger to create a fabulous rolled hem in this video by Kenneth D. King. [2] Specialized machines took the place of manual tasks--such as sewing buttonholes for ready-made clothing--speeding up the work to meet the growing demands of a nation of consumers. [2] She taught me to sew on the treadle and I used it for all of my sewing until I was in my 20's when I purchased an electric machine. [2] The world keeps on sewing - and BERNINA continues to develop the machines. [2] BERNINA is a fourth generation family-owned business that has been manufacturing machines in Steckborn, Switzerland for over 120 years. [2] My first sewing machine was purchased at the International Quilt Show in Houston 21 years ago it was a Bernina 1090, which I still own! One year ago I updated to a Bernina 560, but my 1090 is still chugging along and is my backup machine. [2] My first sewing machine was a Bernina 730 (the old model from I believe the 60's) purchased used from a friend who was upgrading to a newer Bernina. [2] She had one of the original Singer Electronic machines, but my truly first sewing machine that I bought myself was a Bernina Artista. [2] My first sewing machine was an older model Singer that my mother-in-law got at a garage sale for $15!!! It sewed well but I wanted more features and with every new machine I got more of them. [2] My first sewing machine was a very old Singer that I bought from a second-hand shop in 1968 or 1969. [2] My first sewing machine was a Singer that I inherited from my mother. [2] My first sewing machine was a Singer zigzag machine which I bought at a thrift store while in college. [2] My first sewing machine was a Singer Featherweight for highschool graduation. [2] My first sewing machine was my grandmother's old backup Singer. [2]

Can someone give me some contacts as to parts etc. or does someone own a similar machine that cna tell me more about it? I also have a couple of Singer Featherweights and was wondering if the attachments will work on the White. [2] Other machines I've had, 1963 Singer portable, still have but doubt it works, a 1966? Touch and Sew from a garage sale. [2] The most likely answer is that the larger number was the total number of machines produced by Singers when they only had a few factories and could keep up with and control the production output from Britain and America. [2] By the 20th century Singer machines had a letter before the serial number. [2] Due to the massive expansion of Singer factories across the globe a letter suffix, after the model number denotes where the machine was manufactured. [2] Where your Singer has two serial numbers always choose the larger of the two to date your machine. [2] I have a fabulous "old lady" antique Singer 72w 119 desirable hemstitch machine that desperately needs someone to care for her since we are moving house out of state. [2] I started out on a Singer Treadle machine, I was the oldest of 10 children and my mom taught me to sew, but didn't have time to teach any of my siblings. [2] Technological innovations of the time included the telephone, skyscraper, refrigerator, car, linotype machine, electric lightbulb, typewriter, and electric motor, as well as advances in chromolithography, steel production, and many other industries. [2] The common image of the Bauhaus is that of the mass, machine production and the cold tubular steel designs that Marcel Breuer initiated. [2] Coupled with an influx of European avant-garde styles, the machine challenged design and the period was one of experimentation and invention. [2] Another interpretation of the machine aesthetic -- one that often clashed with the functional ideals of the International style -- was streamlined design. [2] The two longarm quilting machines stand out due to their ease of use and high-quality, robust design. [2] After a dispute with TNA Wrestling over the use of his nickname, he went on to legally change his name to "War Machine" in 2008. [2] War Machine is an American former professional MMA artist and a porn actor. [2] The latest in our "Time Machine" series will transport your students to early 19th-century America just before the outbreak of the War of 1812. [2] The latest in our Time Machine series will immerse your students in the sights and sounds of the American Revolution. [2] The following year, American physicist John Atanasoff (1903-1995) and his assistant, electrical engineer Clifford Berry (1918-1963), built a more elaborate binary machine that they named the Atanasoff Berry Computer (ABC). [2] The most infamous example in American history may be Tammany Hall, a Democrat party machine that ruled New York City for 70 years. [2] Just a few years ago, America had all the machines it ever needed to meet domestic supply; but now it is estimated that over 70% of all preowned pinball machines now sold in the U.S. come from overseas sources in countries such as Western Europe and Latin America, due to the increasingly high demand from Americans, even now in this depression-like economic climate. [2]

In our little corner of the world, we can trace the history of PCBs back over 130 years, when the great industrial machine of the world was just kicking into motion. [2] I still have it and use it 42 years later! It's a great machine. [2] It's the machine I let my husband use, instead of my fancy 560! Bernina has done me well over the decades. [2] I had a used machine of my own in college and finally bought a Bernina 830 in 1981. [2] I hope that one day I'll inherit it! I'm also hoping to inherit the Singer treadle machine that my Grandmother used. [2] Political machines used any means possible, especially dubious 'get out the vote' strategies on Election Day, to tighten their political and administrative control of a city, or county, or state. [2] Did you know that it was illegal to own a pinball machine in New York and in many other states at one point in time? Pinball machines were officially banned in New York in 1942 until the late 1970's, because the city administration viewed the game as a "game of luck" rather than a "game of skill". [2] Unlike guilds, factory owners hired unskilled and inexperienced people, commonly children and women, and had them attending to hazardous machines for long periods of time. [2] This caused unemployment and great upheavals in commerce and industry, with many laborers being displaced by machines and many factories, ships and other forms of fixed capital becoming obsolete in a very short time span. [2] Alex has spent a lifetime in the sewing industry and is considered one of the foremost experts of pioneering machines and their inventors. [2]

Charles Babbage designs the Difference Machine - a forerunner of the modern computer. [2] Companies began to guard machines and power sources while machinery makers developed safer designs. [2] About 16 states began using primary elections to reduce the power of bosses and machines. [2] Caterpillar machines successfully supported the Allied Powers during World War I. View this rare, silent film that shows Murray Baker of the Holt Manufacturing Company, U.S. General John Pershing, and others inspecting tractors in East Peoria. [2] Crump's power continued after World War II but it began to wane when returning veterans were unwilling to accept the dictatorial methods of machine bosses like Crump. [2]

Much like many other political machines, Tammany Hall defrauded taxpayers out of the modern equivalent of billions of dollars, and its members often achieved and expanded their power through criminal means. [2] "The primary aim of modern warfare is to use up the products of the machine without raising the general standard of living." [2] The age-old practice of colorization has been revived with modern digital precision in a new book, The Paper Time Machine. [2] It was also during this time that we saw the introduction of the modern appliances we still rely on today like washing machines, vacuums, and refrigerators. [2] In a key piece of work, von Neumann helped to define how the machine stored and processed its programs, laying the foundations for how all modern computers operate. [2] It explores the continuity that has existed between the early 20th century movements in both hand and machine work. [2] Based on the work of Guglielmo Marconi, Nikola Tesla and others, these spark-gap machines were mainly used for ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore naval communication. [2] Another English speaking country, the USA, continued the English language dominance of new technology and innovation with inventions like electricity, the telegraph, the telephone, the phonograph, the sewing machine, the computer, etc. My own first sewing machine was a graduation gift but that was not the first machine I used. [2] My first sewing machine was a toy and I was about 8 or 9 years old. [2] My first sewing machine was my high school graduation present from my mom 35 years ago. [2] My first sewing machine of my very own was a Nelco purchased for me at the State Fair of Texas in 1965 by my grandmother when I was twelve. [2]

Introduction : Political bosses and their "machine organizations" operating in large American cities at the turn of the century enjoyed strong support among the poor and immigrants, who returned the favor by voting for the bosses' preferred candidates. [2] Topics include the urban realism of the "Ash Can School"; the early avant-garde; New York Dada; the cult of the machine; regionalist painting and the American heartland; the expressionist landscape; and surrealism American style. [2]

War Machine then took part in Bellator MMA’s Season Nine Welterweight Tournament at Bellator 100 against Vaughn Anderson in the Quarterfinals, which he won via technical submission due to a rear naked choke in the second round. [2] After the war ended, pinball manufacturing started ramping up again; in 1948, a firm called Genco placed one set of flippers at the very bottom of the playfield in a machine called "Triple Action" - But the setup was still a little unusual by today's standards; the flippers were facing outwards, not inwards like today's models. [2] Once the Wilson administration’s efforts to trade neutrally with all the belligerents collapsed in 1917, the administration entered the war determined to turn the nation into an efficient social machine for its promotion. [2] The period also was marked by social movements for reform, the creation of machine politics, and continued mass immigration. [2] Would you consider H.G. Wells's The Time Machine a precursor to the movement? Or perhaps a parent or contributor to the movement? I am doing an essay on how it fits into the sci-fi literature movement. [2] The exhibition presents chairs, lighting and objects that broaden the understanding of the Bauhaus as a movement which transcended the machine and demonstrates that the handmade object is an integral part of all human endeavor. [2] I loved that machine until there was a problem and the repair person said couldn't get the part and the plastic part he used made it sound like a thrashing machine. :-(. [2] Later, he built a machine called the Differential Analyzer, which used gears, belts, levers, and shafts to represent numbers and carry out calculations in a very physical way, like a gigantic mechanical slide rule. [2] Note: when two serial numbers are on the machine use the larger of the serial numbers. [2] Machines like these were known as analog calculatorsanalog because they stored numbers in a physical form (as so many turns on a wheel or twists of a belt) rather than as digits. [2]

The architectural design of the Bauhaus stemmed from this belief system as well, representing a shift towards the machine aesthetic. [2] Muckraking magazines-notably McClure's -took on corporate monopolies and crooked political machines while raising public awareness of chronic urban poverty, unsafe working conditions, and social issues like child labor. [2] The development of more intricate and efficient machines along with mass production techniques (after 1910) greatly expanded output and lowered production costs. [4] Though a number of its characteristic events can be traced to earlier innovations in manufacturing, such as the establishment of a machine tool industry, the development of methods for manufacturing interchangeable parts and the invention of the Bessemer Process to produce steel, the Second Industrial Revolution is generally dated between 1870 and 1914 up to the start of World War I. The use of machine tools began with the onset of the First Industrial Revolution. [2]

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